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SWR Pipes

SWR Pipes are high-quality PVC pipes that are used for soil, waste, and rainwater drainage in residential and commercial buildings. They are resistant to chemicals, corrosion, and extreme temperatures, making them ideal for use in different environments. They are designed to provide a long-lasting and leak-proof solution for sewage and drainage systems. SWR Pipes and fittings come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate various plumbing needs, making them versatile and easy to install. The pipes are also easy to clean and maintain, providing a hygienic solution for drainage systems. With their superior quality and durability, SWR Pipes are a popular choice for modern plumbing systems.

SWR pipes are widely used in buildings and homes for drainage and sewage system applications. They are lightweight, easy to install and highly durable. Some common uses of SWR pipes include connecting toilets, washbasins, and showers to the main sewer system, as well as for rainwater harvesting systems. These pipes have high resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and impact, making them suitable for industrial and commercial applications too. They also have low thermal conductivity, which helps maintain the temperature of the fluid or waste that is passing through them.

Overall, SWR pipes are essential for efficient drainage and sewage management and are one of the most reliable options for the samear

Standard dimensions: SWR pipes are available in standard dimensions ranging from 75 mm to 160 mm.

Material: These pipes are manufactured using unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) material, which is known for its strength, durability, and resistance to chemicals

Wall thickness: The pipes are available in different wall thicknesses, ranging from2.3 mm to 4.9 mm, depending on the application.

Colour: SWR pipes are available in different colours such as grey, white and ivory.

Pipe length: These pipes come in standard lengths of 3 meters and 6 meters to suit different requirements.

Type: SWR pipes are classified into three types – Type A, Type B, and Type C, based on the application and the usage.

Certification: SWR pipes are certified by the Indian Standards (IS) and are ISI marked, ensuring their quality and compliance with industry standards.