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Product Range

Double wall Corrugated Conduit/Pipe
HDPE Pipe (Solid Wall)

The Duct / Pipe sis designed as a technically superior and cost-effective solution for replacement of GI, RCC and PVC pipes in fiber optic and electric cable networks.

Manufactured from rugged and virgin High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), this duct has adouble-walled construction. This unique construction, while making it light-weight, gives excellent mechanical properties like high rings tiff-ness, better impact strength and superior crush resistance. The smooth innerwall facilitates easy insertion of duct sand cables in Duct/Pipes.

The Duct/Pipe has the ability to withstand heavy external loads when properly buried and back filled. Hence, it is ideally suited for usage as Jacket/Casing duct in those environments where direct placement of ducts and cablesis not safe and easy.