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Casing Pipe

Casing pipe is a type of steel pipe that is used to line the borehole in oil and gas wells. It is typically installed during the drilling process and serves to structure and support the well. Casing pipe also helps prevent contamination of the fluids being extracted from the well by sealing off the surrounding rock formations. It is available in various sizes and grades to suit different well conditions and operating environments. Some of the key factors that determine the appropriate casing pipe selection include the depth of the well, the pressure and temperature of the fluids being extracted, the geological formation of the well, and the corrosive characteristics of the fluids. Different types of casing pipes may include carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel, and they may also be coated or lined with special materials to improve their performance according to the requirements of different industry.

Casing pipes are an essential component of the oil and gas drilling process. It provides support to the borehole and helps to prevent collapse. It also acts as a barrier to prevent contamination of the oil or gas being extracted from the surrounding rock formations. In addition, casing pipes are used in water wells to prevent soil and debris from entering the well and contaminating the water supply. Casing pipes are also used in geothermal drilling, mining operations and other construction projects that require drilling into the earth’s surface.

Tathva Pipe has the following available standards of Casing Pipes.

API Specification 5CT: This is the most widely used standard for casing pipes in the oil and gas industry.

ISO 119- This standard specifies the technical delivery conditions for seamless and welded steel casing pipes.

ASTM A53: This standard covers both seamless and welded black and hot-dipped galvanized steel pipes, which are commonly used for casing.

ASTM A106: This standard covers seamless carbon steel pipe for high temperature service, including casing pipes.

EN 10255: This standard specifies the specifications for medium and heavy steel pipes suitable for use as casing in wells.

BS 1387: This standard covers specifications for steel tubes and tubulars suitable for casing and other general purposes, including water, gas, and air conveyance.

JIS G3444: This standard specifies the pipes used for general structural and mechanical purposes, including casing pipes.

DIN 2448: This standard specifies the technical delivery conditions for seamless and welded steel pipes for general purposes, including casing.

GB/T 8163: This standard specifies the seamless steel pipes used for liquid service, including casing in oil and gas industry.