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Why Only Conduits?

Different colors of duct can be used for cable identification.
Manufactured as per IS 16205 (Part-24):2018 standard.
Economical & Designed to serve for 50 years, much longer life as Compared to GI, RCC and PVC pipe.
Smooth Inner wall, Excellent Compressive Strength Takes Heavy earth load.
Minimum joints. Available in 6 / 30 / 50 / 100 / 250 / 500 m straight lengths / Coils.
Moderate flexibility takes care of Soil settlement if any.
Light Weight, Easy installation & handling.
Water & Dust Proof in joints.
Very easy to fit (all the types of joints - Sockets, Elbows, Bends, End Caps are avail-able).
Chemically inert and therefore suitable for use in saline/coastal areas.
No sharp edges therefore safe for duct/cable installation.